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Cool Google Web Tools Help You Visualize the Data

When was the last time you clicked on the “Show Options” button at the top of the Google search results page? If you haven’t looked lately, take a peak. There are some good Web tools available to help you visualize the data.

My two favorites:

1. Timeline gives you a timeline of the data pertaining to your search term. A search for the term snowpocalyse pulled up a 1922 reference—along with a lot of current articles from around the world.

2. Wonder wheel puts your search term at the hub of a clickable wheel. A search for Pepsi, for example, includes spokes on Pepsi coupons, Pepsi employment, the history of Pepsi, and even Coca Cola. Click on any one, and you get a whole new wheel.

Have fun exploring.

Photo by takomabibelot (Flickr).

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