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Can We Build a Super-Entrepreneur?

Fred Wilson wrote a thoughtful analysis of the differences between first timers and serial entrepreneurs:

“The best first time entrepreneurs have been stewing on their idea for quite a while… They often get the right product into the market at the right time and they capture the user’s attention and usage with that product/market fit. Where [they] often struggle is when the product works so well that they have to quickly build a company to support the product…


Serial entrepreneurs … often struggle with the founding idea and getting to product/market fit… But when serial entrepreneurs do settle on the right idea and find product/market fit, they are usually terrific at building the company. They know when to step on the gas and where. They know how to recruit, manage, and structure organizations.”


While Wilson nailed the analysis, I think Deb Lee defined what we really need:

Would be nice to mash the first timer w/ the serial enterpreneur to build a “super entreprenuer.” 6 mil $ man for biz.


Nice indeed. I’m wondering what Steve Austin would say.

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