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Can a Personal Brand Coexist Within a Corporate Ecosystem?

Love it, hate it, or deny it exists, personal branding is a hot topic.  And it’s going to be THE topic today for #sm122, a weekly tweet chat around the business of social media.

Join me at 12 noon EST as I host a conversation around personal branding. We’ll explore:

1. Personal branding — good idea or bad idea?

2. Can a personal brand coexist within a corporate ecosystem? Can your stars be stars and keep your brand intact?

3. Is it okay for companies to ban their employees from blogging?

4. Should companies have a succession plan around star employees?

Before diving in, I recommend reading Jonny Bentwood’s excellent post on Forrester’s decision last year to ban its staff from having personal blogs.

Looking forward to the conversation. And, as always, feel free to leave your two cents in the comments below.

UPDATE: The transcript of the tweet chat is posted here.

Photo by J.D. Hancock (Flickr).

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