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Are You Engaged in Co-Creativity?

Branding firm BBMG has released an interesting white paper on what it terms “co-creativity.” The idea is for organizations to put their stakeholders at the center of a new, more participatory brand experience.

BBMG writes:

For all the hype about brands inviting customers into the conversation, the reality is it’s hard work (recruiting, retaining, incenting, curating, facilitating, participating, analyzing, synthesizing, acting, reacting, cuing up to do it again and again). The internal capacity is not yet there at most brands, much less the resource commitment. And the corporate perspective often does not look beyond the industrial model of value creation.


The report highlights five forces of co-creativity: mutuality, shared purpose, cross-pollination, innovation, and shared value. It’s thought-provoking stuff, and well worth the read. You can download the e-book here.

Image  from The Age of Co-creativity.

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