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“All About Me” Is No Marketing Strategy

DC Web Women, which runs a listserv designed primarily to enable peer-to-peer support and education in technology and new media, has been in the midst of a brouhaha lately about marketing. Or, more accurately, a few people seem very upset that the listserv guidelines prohibit marketing.

Yes, there are guidelines–and they seem pretty straightforward:

Many of us would like to market to this great target audience, but we can’t allow it because of the size of our membership. Marketing includes postings that ask for a job or job leads, present your resume, promote your company, or doing any of these items for friends, sisters, or boyfriends.


And DC Web Women doesn’t stop there. They also suggest three ways that people can market via the listserv:

(1) Attend a meeting, workshop, or social event and pass out your business cards.

(2) Send your resume to the resume wrangler to be included in the biweekly resume posting.

(3) When you post a question, comment, or response, include your URL or a one-line description of your services beneath your signature.

In other words: be present, be helpful, and add value.

I really don’t understand why anyone would think that shouting “Me. Me. Me. Look at Me.” is a better way to build a community and a business. What do you think?

Photo by bixentro (Flickr).

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