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A Great Email Signature Lets You be Subtly Awesome

Do people know how to contact you?

You’re probably nodding, “Well, doh.” Check anyway.

Check your Web site, your business card, your stationery, and all your social profiles to make sure the information is up-to-date and the links are accurate (and working). If you rely primarily on a form on your site, when was the last time you filled it out?

Don’t forget your email signature. 

This post was prompted in part by a question I received the other day about my email signature (see featured image, above). A couple of people saw it and wanted to emulate it. They can do it and so can you. The solution–well, my solution–is Gmail plug-in WiseStamp.

Your email signature is a great opportunity to put information in the hands of prospective customers. It’s the rare time when you can say “me, me, me, look at me” without actually saying any of that out loud or pushing your links and profiles and awesomeness at anyone. It’s subtle. It’s important. It’s branding.

While it’s the rare business person who doesn’t have some kind of email signature these days, the type, scope, and usefulness (to both you and the recipient) definitely vary.


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