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6 Tips for Creating Awesome PowerPoint Presentations

Mention PowerPoint, and just about everyone will tell you they hate it. But why do we blame the tool for the fact that presenters abuse it (a lot)?

In Speaking PowerPoint: The New Language of BusinessBruce Gabrielle makes a compelling case for Microsoft’s oft-scorned presentation software. In a well-written, easy-to-read book crammed with actionable advice, Gabrielle demonstrates how PowerPoint is a “critical tool for driving strategy” that uses “the power of visual thinking to make ideas clearer and more persuasive.”

Over at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization blog, I’ve compiled my top 6 takeaways from Speaking PowerPoint. A sample:

Your Deck Is an Iceberg. Gabrielle writes that “when planning your main message and support points, think of your slide deck like an iceberg.” In other words, about 10 percent should be above the waterline–what you want your audience to do and the 1-2 key points that support that most broadly.


There are also tips for storytelling, chunking, and mapping your slides on paper. Some good stuff–so check it out here.

Photo by cogdogblog (Flickr).

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