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6 Sales Questions Every Business Must Know

I’ll be the first to admit that conversations about CRM, lead times, funnels, and sales systems make my eyes glaze over.

Maybe it’s because I’m a small business. Or that I’m a fan of paper, pen, business cards, big red desk calendar. Or that every time someone starts talking about sales systems all I hear is jargon, jargon, jargon. Or that it really isn’t rocket science.

Mike Schultz broke the elements down nicely during a Webinar last week on The Art of Sales Conversations. The gist of his message was that it’s all about bridging the “conversation gap” between what you deliver and what your prospect wants. And then understanding how to talk the (right) talk.

Which brings me to the six sales questions every business must know.

Can you answer these questions?

My big takeaway from Schultz’s presentation is six questions you better be able to answer about your business:

  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • How do you help? (What needs do you address?)
  • What value do your clients gain from working with you? (How do they describe it?)
  • What are your core offerings?
  • What is the proof that you can do what you say you do?
  • What makes you distinct? (How do your customers describe it?)

If you can’t articulate your target clients, the target need, the business value, your offering, your proof points, and what makes you unique–then how do you expect anyone else to buy what you’re selling?

Photo by Holger Zscheyge (Flickr). 

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