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4 Reasons to Use SlideShare

Are you using SlideShare?

In addition to leading a session on captivating content at the Frederick New Media and Technology Conference last week, I also had the opportunity to present a 3-minute, 101 overview of the presentation-sharing platform.

There are four big reasons to use Slideshare:

1. Upload your presentations and showcase your smarts. This is a great way to share your knowledge (and thought leadership) beyond the initial audience for your presentation. This presentation, uploaded just a few days ago, has already garnered 85 views on SlideShare. My presentation on engaging your audience: over 200 views in the same timeframe.

2. Enhance your LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn SlideShare app lets you embed a presentation directly into your LinkedIn profile. Bonus tip: you can also use it to embed a video.

3. Keep tabs on your contacts. Once you’ve installed the app, you can also use it to keep tabs on the presentations that your LinkedIn contacts have uploaded to SlideShare.

4. Competitive intelligence. In putting together my presentation, I performed a search on the topic of electronic medical records. SlideShare returned over 1,500 results. If I targeted that search more strategically, I might find some very useful data. Remember, people speak a lot at both company meetings and industry conferences–then post their presentations afterwards.

Also of note: SlideShare is just rolling out a new feature, Zipcast, which will let you share presentations in real time. It’s worth keeping an eye on.

What’s been your experience with SlideShare?

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