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3 Ways Accenture is Reinventing its Business Model

Interesting article from Business Week on Accenture‘s new partnership with tech startup Bug Labs. The deal allows Accenture to customize technology solutions.

I can’t speak to the tech side, but here are three takeaways from a business perspective:

1. Smart companies proactively anticipate their clients needs. Accenture is doing just that. The article notes: “Before, the $25.3 billion company typically waited for clients to come to its consultants with problems. Now it’s pitching products and services to any and all who might need them.”

2. In tough times, you have to reinvent yourself. In forging this partnership, Accenture is opening the door to new types of business opportunities.

3. You have to be open to change. Accenture’s reputation isn’t exactly that of a disruptor, and yet the organization was open to partnering with someone who is. Contrast Bug Labs’ Web site and blog (and the language they use) to Accenture’s site, and you’ll know we’re talking about very different cultures.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your takeaway?

Photo by Karen Roe (Flickr).

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