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3 Reasons to Read About Global Entrepreneurship

As if I didn’t have enough to read already, I’ve added a few new blogs into my Google Reader recently. Mostly focused on business and technology, but also one great new find on entrepreneurship.

If you haven’t bookmarked (or subscribed to) the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship, here are three reasons to check it out:

1. The focus is global. While much of what I read is looking at U.S. policies and activities, this blog covers the world. So recent posts have featured stats from the OECD and developments in Egypt, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

2. A solid foundation is key. While there is always a temptation to jump right into how to do something, having the right policies in place to foster innovation matters. This blog focuses on the policy side. Not always fun, but fundamentally important.

3. The authors are smart, and they write well. Talking about why Global Entrepreneurship Week matters, they write: It’s not just a collection of concurrent networking, ideas competitions, and mentoring events designed to spur young people to consider entrepreneurship. It’s also affirmation that upstream there is a larger pool of innovative entrepreneurs about to enter the world stage just when they’re needed most.

This is good stuff.

Photo by Tup Wanders (Flickr).

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