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2018 Tech Trends to Watch Now

These 2018 tech trends are already changing lives.

Wired has released a list of the “tech visionaries”  who are “bringing the future to your doorstep.” These smart people include Kait Schoeck, who’s reimagining the desktop for Microsoft, and Leslie Miley, who’s working to establish innovation hubs in cities across America.

They are rethinking everything from connectivity to human health.

These tech trends offer clues to the future of business.

Here are some of the challenges Wired‘s visionaries are working on:

  • smarter online security
  • invisible (anonymous & untraceable) computing for all
  • crowdsourced trading algorithms
  • micro-satellite eyes across the sky
  • universal public health (e.g., $1 microscopes, $0.20 centrifuges)
  • intelligently designed microbiology

Tech trends: cost to sequence DNA

  • DNA-based decisionmaking
  • AI for diagnosis
  • AI and the liberal arts
  • data-driven diversity
  • looking to China (i.e., the U.S. isn’t leading the tech revolution)
  • faster fast fashion

Read the article, and then think about which of these might matter — and matter soon — to your business.

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