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Web Site Redux

Ever find yourself saying “do as I say…”?

I’ve known for some time that my Web site needed some work. The calls to actions were mostly hidden (or missing altogether). The font didn’t, as my brother so succinctly put it, “do justice to your design sensibility.” The social media buttons were disjointed–or missing altogether.

Now I’ve rolled out some changes, including making it easy for people to subscribe to this blog via e-mail, adding big “connect with me” buttons and a newsletter sign-up, and creating a custom 404 page. There’s also a new font to give the site a more updated look.

What’s your impression? (If  you’re reading this in an RSS reader, please click over to my Web site and let me know what you think.)

And while you’re here, will you consider signing up for my newsletter?

Photo by Bernadette MacPherson Morris (Flickr).

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