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Social Media? Yes. You.


My latest Independent Thinking column is out. And, yes, the topic is how to get started in social media. Because if you’re a consultant, especially in the communications field, you really ought to dip at least one toe in the social media fishbowl. After all:

Being both knowledgeable and intellectually curious matters–especially when you’re running a business. Would you hire the plumber who gives you a blank look when asked how to repair a broken pipe or a cardiologist who says he doesn’t have time to read the latest information on the link between Fosamax and atrial fibrillation? Of course not. So why do so many communications consultants look like deer caught in the headlights when asked about social media?


Read the complete column here to find out how to listen, learn, and leverage social media for your business. With thanks to Jill Foster and Amber Naslund for sharing their wisdom.

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