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Second Look: Talent Innovation, Blogging Tips, Value Propositions

Each week I’m highlighting 3 or 4 posts, surveys, and other news that I have read and/or tweeted about that you may not have seen. As the name implies, I think they deserve a second look.

Here’s your second look for this week:

1. The Talent Innovation Imperative: This is a must read for anyone interested in how organizations foster talent. The article looks at four main priorities for a 21st century model: differentiated capabilities, performance acceleration, leadership development, and the fostering of a talent culture. Shout out to Colette Cote for alerting me to this one.

2. 100 Blogging Tips: The first tip in Dragos Roua‘s terrific list: Keep an Idea Incubator. Tip 2: Make a Mindmap of Your Blog. This is one of those rare posts you will want to bookmark and revisit periodically for inspiration.

3. Winning Value Propositions: Anthony Tjan discusses four value propositions that work (best quality, best price, must have, want to have).

Photo by Mike Poresky (Flickr).

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