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Happy Presidents Day 2017

Happy Presidents Day 2017.

I was hoping to take the day off, but deadlines interrupted. It is, however, gorgeous outside — and I’m determined to step away from the computer and go for a walk before the sun sets. So this week I’m going to bypass the usual blog post and point you to something I wrote back in 2009:

Where does the slow death of newspapers leave investigative journalism? From Watergate to conditions at Walter Reed, The Washington Post has played an important oversight role. Other major newspapers have similarly tracked down and exposed stories of national importance…

Will investigative journalism die with the newspapers? And what does that mean for our democracy?

Clearly, I was wrong about the death of investigative journalism.

Bill of Rights - Presidents Day 2017

It’s a weird time in America right now.

But it’s a good time to support newspapers. And give thanks to the Founding Fathers.

Bill of Rights by Victor408.

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