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Does “Shuttle Driver” Work for You?

I met “Shuttle Driver” the last time I stayed at this hotel in Atlanta.

His actual name is Ghassan, but you wouldn’t know that from the generic business card his employer provided him. Same for the reception desk staff. And Michael, the awesome dude who cajoled me to eat some breakfast before I left, apparently didn’t merit a business card at all.

It’s not about printing costs.

Once upon a time I was given business cards with the wrong phone number. When I pointed it out, my boss told me to cross out the number and write in the correct one because it was too expensive to reprint the cards. Not surprisingly, the job wasn’t a good fit.

It wasn’t about printing costs then, and it’s not now.

What message are you sending to your staff?

Photo by Sgt. Pablo Piedra (Flickr).

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