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Cornerstones and Cobblestones

I learned about propinquity at the Solo PR Summit. Okay, to be fair, the concept isn't new--but I would have been hard-pressed to define the word itself. Propinquity means nearness, but it's really about the relationship between proximity and relationships. Or, as Tom...

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What Defines a Good Mobile Site?

I have a secret: I hate mobile sites. Okay, not all of them. I love that Amazon lets me find and buy pretty much anything with one touch. (Which, by the way, is a pretty smart sales strategy too.) And StubHub's screen navigation makes changing or updating listings...

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Is Mobile Search Different?

Is mobile search different? Neicole Crepeau pointed me to some interesting statistics about how people search when they're using their mobile phones. One statistic, in particular jumped out at me: 40 percent of smartphone users say that they’re more [influenced] by...

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5 Must-Know Things About SEO

Is your Web site optimized, or do you mostly just have random people dropping by? I was on another very useful MarketingProfs Webinar yesterday, this time on the topic of SEO essentials. Janet Driscoll Miller of Search Mojo coupled a great primer on the topic with...

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What the Spiders Know

I had the pleasure of speaking about social media to two PR classes at the University of Maryland last week. They're smart students, and they're just starting to explore social media. Almost all of them had Facebook pages, a few were on LinkedIn, a couple on MySpace,...

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