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Brett Favre’s Problem


Brett Favre seems to have forgotten that the NFL is a business. And, from a business perspective, he’s quickly developing the wrong kind of reputation.

Favre has made three key business errors:

1. He bad-mouthed his employer. It’s not acceptable, and generally not a smart business practice, to trash your bosses. Technically, he let his mom and brother speak for him. That’s even worse.

2. He threw his colleague under the bus. Sure, he’s a terrific quarterback, but someone else has his job now. Lobbying to come back to work is one thing, but in the process of trying to reclaim his job he’s essentially trying to “fire” his successor. Does he care at all about Aaron Rodgers?

3. Hubris. He seems to think his employer owes his not only a job, but the job someone else took over when he retired.

I love Brett Favre the football player. His passion, his talent, and his exuberance. But I’m not so fond of the way he’s trying to blackmail his former bosses into shoving aside his successor.

Favre might yet succeed in forcing the Green Bay Packers hand. But at what cost to his reputation?

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