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Are You Sending Mixed Messages?

Is your business sending out mixed messages?

My condo building just completed a major redecorating project, in the process turning our lobby into a replica of a high-end, monochromatic coffee bar (sadly minus the barrista or the coffee). And that silly gas-powered fireplace.

Meanwhile, the current board of directors says they want to trim costs, and have honed in on energy expenses. They want owners to put in new light bulbs and turn down the heat when we leave our homes.¬†They’re encouraging people to buy new Energy Star appliances with the lure of a city-offered rebate (spend $1,000, get back $50 — does that math add up?).

Even putting aside the un-eco-friendly, gas-powered fireplace, what’s in it for me? The fees go up every year no matter what I do. Plus I now have to pay for granite countertops in the new management office kitchen and other over-the-top renovations.

In other words, I’m getting mixed messages. Much as a high-end hotel promises luxury then dings you on Internet fees. Or a company freezes employee bonuses then announces record profits. (Yes, the latter once happened to a friend of mine.)

Make sure your business isn’t saying one thing and doing another.

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