Let us help transform your business

Our process begins with you:

your business goals, your challenges, and what you are trying to accomplish. Maybe you’re trying to capture and share customer feedback more effectively across the organization. Maybe you’re looking to rein in “rogue” Facebook or Twitter accounts, or perhaps you’re looking to establish guidance for approving and rolling out social media outposts in new departments. Or maybe you’re looking at a growing list of official social media accounts and seeking a structured way to gather broader employee input into developing new content.

We typically begin with a needs assessment that looks at your unique selling proposition, your core messages, and the key channels through which you have been reaching out to customers, prospects, and other key audiences. We will also look at how, where, and how effective that engagement has been.

This needs assessment is designed to provide you with critical data on:

  • How people perceive your business, your products and services, and your brand.
  • To what extent your brand and your employees are having conversations online with customers, prospects, and other key audiences.

Armed with solid data about your social customers and about your brand, we will then work with you to help you transition from a social brand to a social business. The social readiness phase includes reviewing your current policies and processes and working with you to identify new opportunities to engage with your community.

The social business transition phase involves putting in place the processes, people, and technology to enable your company to make this transition. During this phase, we will work with you to establish an internal governance structure and provide you with the key tools, including employee training, to move the work forward.

In addition to our core strategic process, we also offer Social Customer Research, Digital Strategies Research, and Social Readiness Workshops. Contact us to learn more.